Private tours - Private transfer up to 5 people (9 if we use both vehicles)
just for you and your group.

Tour includes, guide/driver, pick up from ship and back to ship. 

We can be your guides all over Iceland.

Your benefit is that we tailor the tour for you and your group.

We tailor all our tours - we want your tour to Iceland to be memorable to you.

In traditional tours we can add different things it is all up to  you and of course if it is available.

Here we tell you briefly about the tours we offer,
but keep in mind if you want something different we might be able to operate that tour,
just message us.

We can meet you all around the country.
We know a place and we can take you there.

Puffin Travel, Villi and Gulla


Reykjavik our capital city is the world´s northernmost capital.

Nearly 2/3 of our population lives in the capital area.

We at Puffin Travel offer private tailored tours - we can offer different tours around Reykjavik in the capital area.

Look at our tours from Reykjavík and if you want us to tailor your tour just contact us


Capital of the north - beautiful town and landscape.

We can do different sights here. Go to Mývatn, Dalvík, Ólafsfjordur and Sigjulfjordur or enjoy the beautiful town  and neighborhood.

If you want to spend the day with us just contact us

Arrival day - from airport to ship

We can pick you and your group up from the airport ang give you a little insight information.

Take you to your hotel or ship or whatever you wish for.

just send us a line like we say in Iceland

Westman islands

We can offer different kind of tours - Drive around the island and walk in the town. 

Our heart is in Westman islands, we lived there and we have a family there.

Special place, history, geology, culture, nature and more.

Enjoy Westman islands.

We would love to spend the day with you just contact us


I Gulla is from Isafjordur and I am actually named after a house in Isafjordur. My name is Gudlaug after my grandmather and Ósk after a the housewife school where my mother went and met my father who lived in Ísafjordur. Ósk means a wish.

This town and the vestfjords are very dear to me.

So if you want to spend a day with us just contact us

Departure day - from ship to hotel/airport

After your journey we can come and pick you up, take you to a hotel/airport or add some sightseeing.

Your choice - just let us know

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