17th of June our national holiday

Iceland's National Day, June 17, is celebrated every year to celebrate the establishment of a republic in Iceland in 1944. Before that time, however, the day also had a place in the hearts of Icelanders, because June 17 was Jón Sigurðsson's birthday (1811-1879), Iceland's main hero of independence. The day was chosen as a national holiday to honor his contribution to the Icelandic struggle for independence from Denmark. The first records of a celebration on June 17 are from the year 1907, when Jón's birthday was commemorated with a trumpets and speeches at Austurvöllur in Reykjavík. The gathering numbered 4-6 thousand people, or about half of all townspeople.

On June 17, 2022, family parties will be held throughout the towns and the city of Reykjavik. ( https://17juni.is/en/about)

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