To many Icelandic farmers, the lambing season is the busiest, yet most exciting of the year. Starting in early May, the season signals the end of a long winter and brighter days.

There are hundreds of sheep farms all around Iceland, ranging from 100 up to 1,000 grown sheep! This makes lambing season an incredibly busy time, requiring the assistance of every inhabitant of the farm and family and friends coming to lighten the load. The sheep are cared for and watched all day and night until each of them have birthed new lambs.

The Icelandic sheep strain has remained pure ever since the country’s first settlement about 1,100 years ago. The Icelandic sheep is entwined with tradition and an essential element in Iceland’s heritage and survival. True to tradition, the young lambs spend their summers in the unspoiled highlands, grazing freely on grass, berries, and arctic herbs. By doing so, they acquire their exceptional flavor and texture, which is renowned all over the world and delicious beyond compare. That way, the cycle of life continues, just as it always has.

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