The higlands

Our highlands one of the last great wilderness areas in Europe

  • 10 hours
  • € 900 private tour

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And forms one of the largest territory in Europe which has never been inhabited or cultivated. Natural phenomena and unique landscape, river, waterfalls, hot springs, vast lava fields. You can feel the power of the natural forces at work and the interplay of fire and ice. The altitude in the Highlands is over 500 m (1640 ft.) above sea level. There are a large number of mountains here that reach up to anywhere from 1000–2000 m (3281–6562 ft.) and these tall mountains are generally covered by ice caps. Here you can enjoy the ride to our destination, our wilderness, hike - some of the most famous trails are here. Geothermal bathing, there is nothing better than bathe in a natural hot spring in the middle of nowhere 10 glaciers, Vatnajökull the largest, hundreds of waterfalls more than 15 geothermal areas, rivers and active volcanic areas.

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