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Highlands - serenity and natural beauty.

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- Higland tours

Our highlands are considered one of the last great wilderness areas in Europe. It covers around 40.000 km2

and forms one of the largest territory in Europe which has never been inhabited or cultivated.

Natural phenomena and unique landscape, river, waterfalls, hot springs, vast lava fields. You can feel the power of the natural forces at work and the interplay of fire and ice.

10 glaciers, Vatnajökull the largest, hundreds of waterfalls more than 15 geothermal areas, rivers and active volcanic areas.

Look at our highland tours and keep in mind that we tailor all our tours. 

You might have heard about some of our highland pearls for example.

  • Landmannalaugar

  • The valley of Thor

  • Stuðlagil

  • Kerlingafjöll

          ....and so much more
If this is something you would like so see and experience LOOK AT OUR TOURS

Puffin Travel Iceland

Waterfalls, hot springs, black sandy beaches, Norhtern lights and more...

Puffin travel  -
traditional tours

Iceland the land of fire and ice

One of Europe's best outdoor destinations.  Our island has much to offer, different areas, landscape, waterfalls, glaciers, coastline, hot springs and active volcanic areas.

We like to tell stories and we  often tell them our way. We are a storytelling nation and our ancestors wrote the sagas. 

Skip the line - Cruise ships

We tailor all our tours - even the traditional one, the tours are different depending on weather, season, time of day and of course the who you are with.

Do you want to see....?

  • Thingvellir national park?

  • The Glacier lagoon?

  • Black sandy beach?

  • Puffins?

  • Aurora Borealis the Northern lights

  •  The Geysers area?

  •  The Golden waterfall?

  • Our beautiful Capital area?

  • The mystic Snæfellsnes peninsula?
    and more and more


If your answer is yes take a look at our tours.

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Puffin Travel Iceland

We know a place

I know a place and I want to take you there

Private tailored tours - we can offer all kind of tours, larger groups up to 50.

Travel like locals - discover new things - and remember we want you to enjoy and we tailor all our tours.

A tailored sightseeing tour to suit you and your group - You just choose your desired dates and what you want to explore and see       
Traveling should be fun

We want to provide personal guidance and unique adventure in Iceland.

We have a lot to offer here in Iceland - and  we want it show  to you.

This is the tour for you if you want to explore and feel our Iceland - almost a surprise tour We plan the tour according to weather forecast and of course hints from you. If you like surprises this is your tour.

Experience is something that you gain you whole life, we have worked with different groups from different countries, children and adults.  For example

We Gulla and Villi would like to hear from you and listen to what you want to do and see here in Iceland -lets talk.


Westman islands 

Pufflings rescue tour


Duration 10-11 hours


Guides: Gulla/Villi, Jökull and Jenný Svava.

  When we arrive in Westman islands

our guides will welcome us -
Jökull and Jenný Svava

they are part of the Pufflings rescue squad.


Do you want to know more about the tour?

Ask Jökull



  • Pick up at hotel and back to hotel

  • Ferry to and from the Westman islands -

  • Sightseeing tour on the island of Heimaey

  • Puffing Patrol visit/Puffling rescue (keep in mind that weather and more can have effect on the Pufflings and how many of them area lost in town).

The children in Westman islands have over the years rescued Pufflings in august and September. In autumn when it is getting dark, the Pufflings (the young puffins) start leaving the nest. Some of them are attracted by the lights in the town so instead of flying toward the ocean they fly in tho the town.

Then the rescue team mainly the children and of course inhabitants in the island go out in the evening with cardboard boxes and collect the Pufflings and next day they take them to the beach and help them towards the ocean.  But before that the Pufflings are brought  to  Puffling Patrol  where each Puffling is weighed, wingspan measured, tagged and given a specific number.

In 2019 the Puffling Patrol tagged 7706 Pufflings.

If you have other wishes or special request just contact us at 
We at Puffin Travel tailor all our tours -  this is your adventure.



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